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Finding Relaxing Spaces In Your Home Will Help Keep Your Stress Levels Down

woman breathingRelaxation in your home has become more of an issue as some of us have been spending more and more time there. Stress has begun to build up as well as we take in all the health recommendations and travel restrictions that may play a large part in our lives. While many restrictions are being lifted it is still important to have somewhere in your home that you can go to in order to destress. We all have that one spot or activity that centers us and brings us joy. It is important to foster these areas and make sure they are available for our use.

Stage Your Home To Appeal To All The Senses

Encourage buyers to relax and take it all in when viewing your home by appealing to all five senses . . . sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Sight  Create pops of color on kitchen and bathroom countertops and dining and side tables with fresh flowers and bowls of seasonal fruit.

Sound  Play soft classical or jazz music in the background.

Taste  Put out a plate of cookies (preferably fresh baked for the smell), brew some coffee and tea, put out your best china, and leave your guests a note inviting them to relax and have a snack.  

When It Comes to Flooring, Hardwood Is King

It’s pretty hard not to notice a home’s floors. As a potential buyer walks through your home, are they going to be impressed by the surface under their feet? Although other materials have their uses in certain areas, there’s no substitute for the durability, functionality, and style of hardwood. Of course, appealing to future buyers isn’t the only reason to go with hardwood; you also get to enjoy it yourself!