Home Improvement

Fight House Fatigue with These Inexpensive Updates

No matter how much you love your home, there's no shame in admitting that it's lost some of its luster over the years. Familiarity can often breed boredom, which in this case means house fatigue. You might feel like moving or a complete remodel are the only ways to bring the passion back to your living space, but these dramatic options are expensive, stressful, and usually overkill! In reality, small updates can have a surprisingly potent effect on your perception of an otherwise familiar space! Keep reading to learn about several inexpensive design ideas that will bring new-home excitement back into your old house!

These Are the Most Regretted DIY Home Improvement Projects

As a homeowner, you’ll often find yourself in the position of having to decide between hiring a professional or attempting something yourself. On the one hand, DIY projects offer significant cost savings and a sense of personal accomplishment; on the other, they can quickly turn into a nightmare of poor results and huge time commitments. Many a homeowner has confidently started a home improvement project only to realize that they are in over their head, a situation which can result in damage to their wallet, home, and even safety. Of course, not all projects are created equal; the potential risks associated with painting a wall are significantly less serious than those associated with installing a fireplace.

With this in mind, home improvement website ImproveNet conducted a survey of 2,000 DIYers to determine which home projects are most likely to leave the owner regretting their undertaking. The survey asked respondents about 32 different types of DIY improvement projects and found that the average person had attempted about 8 of them over their lifetime. Nearly two-thirds of the group expressed that they regretted at least one of their projects and one-third eventually needed to bring in a professional to redo the work.

Consider a Green Fence This Spring!

The idea of installing a fence crosses the mind of almost every homeowner for one reason or another. Even if you have the greatest neighbors in the world, have you wished for a bit more backyard privacy from time to time? Perhaps you want to block noise from a nearby street? Or maybe you just enjoy the look and feel of being surrounded by green? Whatever your reason, a living, green fence can solve many of these issues while avoiding the problems associated with a traditional wood or iron fence!