A Beautiful Fall In Montana!

Happy November! Happy Thanksgiving!
Fall 2021 has certainly shined as one of the best Montana falls that I’ve experienced in the past 40 years. The changing leave colors are vibrant, and the weather has been great with clear days and the shining sun. My favorite is the brilliant stars at night, and as you will see later in this post, I’ve even experienced multiple UFO sightings in the clear night sky! 
UFO? UAP?  Okay, you may think I am crazy, but has anyone seen the strange light hovering over the Big Fork Area?
It clearly has very bright red, green and white lights in a spherical shape, sort of like a doughnut (colorful on the ring part, dark in the middle). The pulsing lights are very clear and powerful. This object has been out often this summer. It is much lower than airplanes and very large, and it does not move. 
I notice it about 9 p.m., and if I look around 11 p.m., it is gone by then. I have some friends who are on Melita Island and they see it also. In fact, one night while watching it over Big Fork, they said a larger one appeared over Wildhorse Island.
I live on the south side of Finley Point and this object was over the town of Polson one night. It was huge and only a few thousand feet above the Polson hill. Same thing---bright red, green and white lights in a circle. 
If you live on Skidoo, you can have a bird’s eye view of the UFO. Simply look to the NE corner of the lake, in the Big Fork area. You can’t miss it (if it is out).
Now for the real estate market:
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Thanks for Reading!