Common Tools That Should Be In Every New Homeowners Tool Bag

tools laying on a wood surfaceSo you have finally closed on the home of your dreams and you have never had to care for a home before. What type of tools should you keep on hand to make sure things go smoothly? There are certain tools that are standard that every homeowner should have. There is a feeling that one must have an elaborate tool shed in order to be the ultimate do-it yourselfer. Most people are on the other end of the spectrum and only need a few chosen tools to keep things running smoothly.
If you are just moving into a home it is quite possible that you may have furniture and shelving units to put together. An easy way to make this process go smoother is to invest in a cordless drill. It can help with many tasks that come with setting up a new home. Choosing a more reasonable sized 12 volt model is most likely the best option for you. The larger size drill sets are typically just too much for just your ordinary work around the house.
A tape measure can come in handy when your furniture arrives so that you can assure that the furniture will fit in the space or through the doors. Knowing the size of the rooms that you have will also assist in buying enough paint for the rooms. A simple screwdriver set will help get those paint cans open as well as perform other tasks. A set that includes both a standard flathead and a Phillips should be reasonably priced and easy to find.
Wrenches are important for a lot of reasons. They can be essential when dealing with the underbelly of your home from the water shut off valves to tightening nuts and bolts. Not all wrenches are the same though. Allen wrenches, also known as a hex key, can help with hexagonal sockets that are associated with bike repairs and electronics. 
The last couple of items that are the most common home tool boxes are a hammer and a utility knife. A claw hammer will help you in instances where nails need to be removed or can be used to hang a picture. Utility knives are useful when it is needed to fix a screen or remove caulk from a window sill. It is important to consider safety and getting an utility knife that has a locking blade will help. 
You may never know which tool is the one that will save the day but it will help if you have these most common ones in your arsenal.