Creating a Livable Space Within Your Living Room

beautiful living room Your living room is probably the one room used most often during the winter months beside your bedroom. With the winter weather raging outside a nice comfortable living space is key to enjoying your home during those cold months. 
A working fireplace would be preferable during the winter but if that is not an option an electric plug-in one can be a perfect addition to the space. You can even opt to get a combo fireplace that has storage space or doubles as a T.V. stand. The warmth and heat that this fireplace can bring will warm the space in more ways than one. 
During the winter months while it seems like all plant life is dead or dormant it pays to have a plant area that brings life and greenery into your home. This can remind you of a warmer time and what will eventually be returning. Plants will help filter the air in the home while you have to keep all the windows and doors closed tight. 
Energy efficient curtains can help keep the cold winter air out and the nice warm air in. This will help keep your heating bills in check during the cold months as well. If you are one to keep the heat at a cool and comfortable level a nice throw blanket can both add a nice design touch while also serving a purpose to keep you warm during those cold snaps. 
Storage is key when making sure that your space is neat, clean and organized. Using multi-functional furniture helps to hide storage and make a more usable area. A storage bench can provide a seating area along with the much needed storage area. You can also use decorative pillows to add a touch of design aspect to the area. These pillows can be changed for the different seasons as well so that they can work all year long.
The winter is the perfect time to keep your living space fresh and updated while you are seemingly stuck indoors. You can use this time to update your space and make it more livable during the cold months as well as into the spring and summer months.