Focusing on the Master Bedroom When Staging Your Home

pretty bed with flowered comforterThe average person spends one third of their life in bed which translates to a lot of time spent in the bedroom. This makes it an important room to focus when trying to stage your home for sale. Buyers should be able to see themselves relaxing and enjoying this room as part of their open house experience. 

Although many people believe that a dark room is conducive to better sleep it is important to keep the space light and airy when staging. Using color accents throughout the room will give the room the touch of color to add to the overall design. If you are interested in wowing a potential buyer with a sleep aid try installing automatic blackout blinds that can assist with a better sleep environment. These blinds can often be programmed to open at a certain time to help with natural sleep patterns. Staging the bed with fluffy pillows and extra comforters will create the illusion of a comfortable bed that is inviting to sleep. 

If space allows it is often beneficial to be able to create a secondary sitting area with a bench, a couple of chairs or loveseat. A comfy reading nook that is positioned near a window will allow much needed sunshine to give the room a much needed relaxation point. Having this area will give the buyers the impression of being able to live in the space.

Having a mirror within the room can make the space feel larger than it may be. Often placing the mirror above the dresser will add to the design aspect of the room. A floor length mirror can show the placement of your furniture off while also giving the buyer a practical design choice as they imagine themselves getting ready in the bedroom. Also important is the placement of wall art as it needs to be to scale so that it does not overpower the space.

The Master Bedroom is often considered one of the most important rooms in a house so it is key to focus on the room when trying to sell your home. With a lot of people choosing to spend their time at home or even working from home it is important that the space can reflect that.  

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