Maintaining Your Roof Can Save You Money

tool belt on a roofDuring the summer when the sun is high in the sky and there isn't a cloud to be seen is by far the best time to examine your roof and its condition. Keeping an eye on what your roof has gone through throughout the year is a good indication if repairs or a complete replacement is in your future. 
In order to get a first look at what has been happening on your roof you need to head to your attic or upper crawlspace. From here you can view any wet spots, sagging, dark stains and of course any holes which are better seen during bright and sunny days. Any sign of these and that may be a sign of a bigger problem. 
Next, you may need to get a look at your roof from the outside. If it’s safe get a ladder and get a peek at the condition of the shingles, nails and any areas that should be sealed. If you are wary of heights or don’t feel comfortable being on your roof or a tall ladder be sure to call in a professional to inspect your roof and give you a report. If you or the professional find that there are many areas in a dire condition then you will have to make a decision on what you will need going forward. 
If you decide that you do need to do a total replacement then there are certain factors that will influence the choices that need made. Weather is a very important factor when choosing a new roof. What conditions will your roof be facing? A crazy harsh winter? High wind and rain? This will also play into a choice of how soon you will need the repairs to be made and whether you can put off the repair/replacement for a year. The cost of a new roof can run anywhere from $5,000 to up to $15,000 so you have to make sure that you are prepared for the cost. 
By regularly maintaining your roof you can guarantee as many years out of it that you can. Keeping a good eye on what is going on in your attic and outside will help you perhaps get by and only have to make small repairs throughout the years. 
Owning a home is a series of gives and takes when it comes to home repair its best to keep on top of things as best you can. If you are interested in becoming a homeowner or even listing your home please feel free to contact one of Our Agents for more information.