New Trends to Keep in Mind for the Coming New Year

happy new year with balloonsAs we ring in the new year you may be wondering what new trends in decorating will be waiting for us as we watch the ball drop. Some new trends to look for in the new year can range from arranging space in a new home for an elevator to creating spaces that can make the living space work better for your family.

A new trend this coming year includes incorporating your dining room into a more usable space. Typically the dining room is deemed space that can sometimes go unused but if you invent a welcoming area that can be multi purposeful you can create a place where kids can gather to do homework or a space where one can host a fun game night.

A first impression can be made by great landscaping and exterior elements but the front foyer has become the place to make that impression last. By creating a statement within the entrance you can impress your guests with a statement art piece of perhaps some updated light fixtures. 

As the population gets older it is only wise to think of types of features that can help and assist as they get older. While elevators can be pricey at nearly $15,000 per floor it might be a sound investment that will benefit you in the future and allow you to stay in your home long into retirement.

Creating green space where there is none is a great way to make your home a more enjoyable and healthy space. A place to relax and enjoy the outdoors is key. Whether you are in the city where you may have the opportunity to enjoy a roof top terrace or perhaps you can create a “living wall” in your home where you can cultivate greenery inside. Both of these options will bode well in the new year.

One trend for the new year involves listing your home. On average it is trending towards having a move-in ready home as opposed to having a fixer upper to deal with. Buyers want to have the big decisions made for them so they can start right off with settling into their new home. Making these decisions will hopefully lead to a quicker sale and even a higher selling price.

With the new year upon us it is important to be able to make the space you have the best that it can be. If you are still looking for a new space to call your own please make sure to visit our agent page for more information on either selling or buying your dream home.