Time On Your Hands? Organize Spaces You May Be Overlooking!

hourglassSome of us have some sudden free time and how to spend that time may be beneficial to your home and just how comfortable you are in your space. Is it time to really dig into your storage spaces and then finally go through it like you always hoped you could? Well, now you may have that precious time to really make a dent in some organization projects that you keep putting off.  
One of the areas that you may overlook when you think about decluttering your space is your dining room and the associated entertaining supplies. Normally, you bring these items out for holidays and special occasions but if those events are few and far between you may not notice wear and tear on your items. Getting rid of torn and worn tablecloths, broken decor pieces and stained linens can help get things under control. Take an inventory of your serving and decor pieces and try to find any that you may have duplicates of or just have fallen out of your favor and find a better home for them.
While you have had seemingly more time on your hands you and your family may be partaking in crafts and maybe even hobbies that you now may have time for. This is the perfect time to go through these areas where you keep these items and do some organizing and reduction in items that are unneeded anymore. You can organize the area by placing projects that are currently being worked on into folders or boxes for easy storage. If you have an overabundance of craft or gift wrapping supplies go through everything and make sure pens are working, toss any empty tape dispensers and get rid of any scraps of fabric or paper by either donating them to a local cause or by recycling them properly. 
Most people are not thinking of their holiday supplies in the middle of Spring but it might be the best time to really get a grip on what you have stored and decide what you really need based on the space that you have. If you are consistently putting up one tree every year and you have three in storage it might be a good idea to get rid of the excess. Look at each piece and really think about if you have used it recently and if it holds any meaning to you and if it's only been sitting gathering dust then it may be time to donate or give it away to someone who needs it. It’s always better that decor is seen and not kept in storage for years and years. Divide and organize each holiday so that it is easy to delineate which holiday is which so you are not digging around each time a holiday changes. 
Trying to reduce the amount of clutter that comes into one's home is often a battle that is hard fought. By having areas in your home organized you can make a plan and decide what needs to stay and what you can send on its way. Repurposing, recycling or donating items should always be a first option. Tossing things in the trash should be a last option. Be sure to check with your local donation sites to see if they are accepting donations at this time. If they are not set aside an area that you can designate to store these items until these sites re-open if possible. Being able to be productive during these strange times may help keep things running as smoothly as possible.