What You Should Spend Your Money On During a Kitchen Renovation

After you move into a new home you may start what seems like a long list of areas you would like to improve upon. A new kitchen remodel is probably at the top of that list. Kitchens are an important part of a family dynamic and making them more usable and functional is always a priority. Even the smallest remodel can run up to $150 per square foot so you need to know where to spend your money and where you can possibly save.
One of the things that you should prioritize your spending on are cabinets. They should be of a high quality wood or plywood with an equal of quality finnish. Durability is key since they will be subjected to a high amount of wear and tear. Cabinets make up a large portion of your budget so it is important to do quality research in order to make sure that what you choose will not only look good but also be high functioning and long lasting.
Countertops are a place where money can be saved. Spending money for good quality pieces is where you should spend your money. Trying to find a remnant that you can use for an island can save money. Picking a material such as butchers block for other areas of the kitchen will help keep costs down. 
Redesigning your kitchen is a hefty proposition but if you are going all in then creating a new layout completely might be the right choice for you. Open floor plans are the most desirable these days so if that is possible in the space you have then it may be in your best interest both as a better living situation and as an investment in the future.
The places where you can save money in a kitchen renovation is with the appliances. Top of the line appliances are not really necessary. Search for energy efficient stainless steel devices that can look good and save you money at the same time. Also choosing a budget friendly finishing touches that can look classy and tasteful yet be well within your spending allotment. Lighting the room with simple but efficient fixtures will make the space a workable room in your home that will be a welcome place for your family.