When It Comes to Flooring, Hardwood Is King

It’s pretty hard not to notice a home’s floors. As a potential buyer walks through your home, are they going to be impressed by the surface under their feet? Although other materials have their uses in certain areas, there’s no substitute for the durability, functionality, and style of hardwood. Of course, appealing to future buyers isn’t the only reason to go with hardwood; you also get to enjoy it yourself!

Some real estate professionals consider hardwood floors a virtual necessity for selling higher-end homes, as buyers have grown to expect the lux material in rooms such as the living room, dining room, and master bedroom. There's certainly no arguing with the refined look that hardwood can give to almost any room in a house! In fact, the National Wood Flooring Association reports that 99% of real estate agents in the US believe homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell, 82% believe they sell faster, and 90% believe they sell for more money.

Besides the stylish appearance, what else makes hardwood so desirable as a flooring material? For one thing, hardwood is significantly easier to keep clean compared to carpet, the material that used to dominate living rooms across the nation. On a related note, allergy sufferers will appreciate the fact that hardwood doesn't trap irritants such as pollen and dust. Perhaps even more importantly, hardwood represents the most long-lasting of all flooring options. When installed properly, the lifespan of a hardwood floor can exceed that of the homeowner!

For most homeowners, the greatest impediment to wood flooring is the high cost. Popular woods will set you back approximately $10 to $20 per square foot for material and installation, a dollar amount which quickly becomes untenable for most buyers. However, before you rule out hardwood as too expensive, keep in mind that it has a return on investment somewhere between 70% and 80% when selling the home.

In summary, whether you're thinking of renovating your floors for yourself or for future buyers, it would be difficult to surpass the durability and appearance of solid hardwood!