Which State Edged Out Montana for Having the Largest Yards?

How large (or small!) is an average home's yard in each state? It's a relatively simple question, but one which yields a massive range of answers. In fact, the yards in the highest-ranked state average almost 74,000 square feet, while those in the last-place state are a measly 4,300! It probably won't come as a shock to learn that Montana is right up near the top, landing at #2 on the list, but the #1 state seemed like a considerable underdog. Keep reading to learn which homeowners have the most outdoor room to roam on their property!

All of these numbers are according to HomeAdvisor, who defined a state's average "yard" by taking its average lot size and subtracting the average size of a home. Of course, not all of that space is necessarily a yard, but it seems like a reasonable proxy!

So, which state topped the list with its huge, 73,979 square-foot yards? Believe it or not, the answer is tiny Vermont! Montana came in a very close second with an average yard measuring in at 71,576 square feet. Both states were far out in front, with third-place Mississippi coming in at a distant 54,749 sq. ft.

Of course, not all homeowners enjoy the wide-open spaces of Vermont and Montana, particularly those that live in Nevada. That's right, Nevada came in dead last, with a typical yard sized at a tiny 4,386 sq. ft. Other states with tiny yards are 49th-ranked California (5,575 sq. ft.) and 48th-ranked Arizona (6,513 sq. ft.).

Across all states combined, residential lawns average 10,871 square feet, which is roughly a quarter of an acre. In contrast, Vermont's yards are about 1.7 acres and Nevada's are just a tenth of an acre. You can find the complete list of states on HomeAdvisor.com.