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The Wall Street Journal had some encouraging reporting on the National Mortgage Pact

The Wall Street Journal had some encouraging reporting in the Friday, February 10th, 2012 issue on the National Mortgage Pact.  It lists come important statistics and shows where the major mortgage problems exist in the United States.  The article states officials are confident that, because of the months of bargaining with the resultant settlement, the housing market is going to benefit and continue to move forward.  If you go in and look at the article you will see that Montana has not been hit with the huge foreclosure problems that the rest of the country has.  Century21 Big Sky has been experiencing positive growth in home sales which backs this statistic up.

Have you see the Snowy Owls visiting Polson?

Has anyone spotted the Snowy Owls that have been visiting Polson and the Mission Valley?  From what the experts say we should see them for another month until they head back north.  They seem to like Polson Hill.  The director of the Owl Research Institute in Charlo, Denver Holt, took a group of Audobon Socity members to view the Snowy Owls. They say the last time we saw Snowy Owls in the Mission Valley was in 2006.

Century 21 Super Bowl Ad

After everyone is done watching Madonna do her thang at halftime, stick around for the 3rd Quarter to see our amazing Century 21 Super Bowl Ad! There will also be "teaser" ads throughout the pre-game show. Enjoy! 

Real Estate Re-Enters the Super Bowl Ad Mix, led by Century 21 / Smarter agent

Coincidentally, it’s been 21 years since any real estate brand has been part of the coveted Super Bowl Ad mix. Why is that a coincidence? Because powerhouse real estate brand and Smarter Agent White Label mobile real estate application partner, CENTURY 21, have thrown their hat in the ring to join in the most-watched day of television and a long-history of outrageous if not memorable commercials...see more at