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Drone Footage Of The Amazing Flathead Lake

 Check out this great drone footage of the amazing Flathead Lake, Montana! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful resource right here in our backyards. With all the craziness of COVID-!9 and quarantines hopefully some of you have been able to find peace and solace in the surrounding environment of beautiful Montana. If you are looking to make the move to the Polson, Flathead Lake, Lake County, Plains, Sanders County and surrounding markets in Western Montana be sure to check out Our Agents page to find an agent ready to find you that perfect property.

Local Events Cancelled and Postponed Due to COVID-19 Fears

Due to COVID-19 precautions a number of events and happenings are still being cancelled or postponed. Unfortunately, the Annual Polson Chamber 4th of July Parade is the latest to be postponed. The hope is to be able to have a celebration Labor Day weekend when the celebration can also include the scores of workers that Polson has. Considerable feedback has been received on both sides of the argument but the decision made by the Chamber they feel was in the best interest of the people of Polson. While Polson strives to get back to some semblance of normal they ask that you continue to be diligent with social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing. Doing this will allow more and more businesses and area attractions to become more engaged with the community.

Sustainable Construction Can Be Big Win For You

recycle symbolSustainable construction is not only a benefit to the environment but it can also be a benefit to you as a potential home purchaser/builder. While the cost up front might be a bit higher the savings in the long run often out weights the cost. Studies have shown that people who work and live in more eco friendly structures tend to have a better mood and increased productivity. Being able to have a better environment to raise your kids in overall is a more desirable situation.