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Why Didn't My House Sell? Here Are the Common Reasons

Did your listing expire without selling? If you're serious about selling your house, then you're probably pretty frustrated by now. Rather than think about this as a bad thing, consider it an opportunity to take a fresh approach.

There are lots of reasons why a house might not sell within a reasonable time frame. Identifying your listing's specific issues is the first step toward a sale. So, what are the primary reasons houses don't sell, and what can be done about them? Let's take a look at 7 of the most common reasons a listing doesn't sell as well as actions you can take to rectify the situation.

Writing an Offer Letter? Don't Mention These Things

When making an offer on a home, including a personal letter can go a long way toward getting onto the seller's good side. As you can imagine, selling a home in which you've lived for many years can be an emotional experience, so a few words of understanding and encouragement can sometimes be the factor that sets your offer apart from the others. Of course, a bad letter can have just the opposite affect by making a poor impression. Beyond the obvious things like spelling and grammar, the key factor to a good offer letter isn't so much what you put in as it is what you leave out. In this post, you can read about the topics that you'll want to avoid in your offer letter and see some specific examples of phrases that should never be included.

Small Changes Can Have a Big Impact on Your Energy Usage

It doesn't have to be Earth Day for it to be a great time to improve your home's energy efficiency. It might seem like a hassle at first, but remember that going green is a win-win; it not only reduces the burden on the environment, but also keeps money in your pocket! Some homeowners allow themselves to get discouraged by thinking (incorrectly) that only expensive projects like installing rooftop solar panels can have a significant impact. However, the reality is that even minor, inexpensive changes can yield dramatic energy savings if they target the areas of greatest waste in your home. Keep reading to learn about 5 simple home improvements that will go a long way toward reducing your energy footprint.