Attend the St. Luke Community Healthcare Fundraising Gala

Giving back to the community is always worth it, but you might as well have a spectacular evening while you do it! On Friday, September 14, you can do just that by attending the 18th annual St. Luke Community Healthcare Foundation Fundraising Gala at the Ronan Community Center! By supporting the Foundation, you help benefit its many charitable projects which aim to meet the needs of patients, employees, and members of the community.

Experience "Maracujá" on Jan. 13

On Friday, January 13, Mission Valley Live is thrilled to present "Maracujá", a musical journey around Latin America! This amazing concert promises to cover a wide range of genres, including fiery Cuban son, Brazilian samba-funk, soothing bossa nova, and wistful boleros. No matter what your preference, Maracujá will leave you smiling!