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Need to Know Facts about Hunting in Montana

deer in fieldAre you new to Montana and you would like to experience the vast amounts of hunting and trapping options that the state offers? Well there is a lot to know before you head out into the wild. Montana boasts the most impressive variety of game in the lower 48 states and the proper knowledge of the rules, laws and regulations is key to a successful hunting trip.

Stage Your Home To Appeal To All The Senses

Encourage buyers to relax and take it all in when viewing your home by appealing to all five senses . . . sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Sight  Create pops of color on kitchen and bathroom countertops and dining and side tables with fresh flowers and bowls of seasonal fruit.

Sound  Play soft classical or jazz music in the background.

Taste  Put out a plate of cookies (preferably fresh baked for the smell), brew some coffee and tea, put out your best china, and leave your guests a note inviting them to relax and have a snack.  

When It Comes to Flooring, Hardwood Is King

It’s pretty hard not to notice a home’s floors. As a potential buyer walks through your home, are they going to be impressed by the surface under their feet? Although other materials have their uses in certain areas, there’s no substitute for the durability, functionality, and style of hardwood. Of course, appealing to future buyers isn’t the only reason to go with hardwood; you also get to enjoy it yourself!