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Avoid These Simple Decorating Missteps

To one degree or another, everyone puts in some effort to try to make their home's interior look stylish and attractive. Unfortunately, most of us aren't professional interior designers, which means that it's easy to fall into the trap of making decorating choices that aren't exactly ideal. Luckily, some of the most common decorating mistakes are also the easiest to remedy. In this post, you can read about four such decor faux pas and the simple ways to fix them according to home renovation website Houzz.

Which State Edged Out Montana for Having the Largest Yards?

How large (or small!) is an average home's yard in each state? It's a relatively simple question, but one which yields a massive range of answers. In fact, the yards in the highest-ranked state average almost 74,000 square feet, while those in the last-place state are a measly 4,300! It probably won't come as a shock to learn that Montana is right up near the top, landing at #2 on the list, but the #1 state seemed like a considerable underdog. Keep reading to learn which homeowners have the most outdoor room to roam on their property!

Keep Your Home Safe with These Smoke Alarm Tips

Most of us only think about our smoke alarms when they go off during cooking, but it's important to remember that these little devices play a key role in keeping our homes and families safe. Although false alarms probably make up 99% of their alerts, smoke alarms need to be positioned and maintained properly throughout the year in case a real fire ever does start. Unfortunately, it is very common for homeowners to make mistakes that limit the effectiveness of their alarms. Keep reading for a brief guide explaining how you can get the most protection out of these ubiquitous safety systems.