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A Higher Credit Score Could Save You $45,000

Everyone knows that a higher credit score is better, but how much does it really matter? LendingTree decided to prove the value of a great credit score by quantifying the money that someone with a "very good" score would save over the life of various loans compared to someone with a "fair" score. You might think that increasing this abstract number by a few points can't really make all that much of a difference, but you'd be wrong! In fact, they found that a score of "very good" would save you over $29,000 on mortgage debt alone!

The Myth of the 20% Down Payment

When people think about buying a home, they are often discouraged by the idea of saving enough money for the down payment. Indeed, surveys have shown that the greatest impediment to home ownership for prospective buyers is the down payment. However, many potential buyers have the false notion that a mortgage requires 20% of the home's purchase price paid up front. In reality, the median down payment in 2017 was only 10%, and many buyers paid even less than that!

Mission Valley Live Season Kick-Off

Did you know that the newest season of Mission Valley Live starts tomorrow, September 7? For their opening concert, MVL will be presenting renowned violin virtuoso Wai Mitzutani, plus a few friends! If you're interested in hearing some amazing music, then head over to New Life Church in Polson tomorrow night!