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Common Tools That Should Be In Every New Homeowners Tool Bag

tools laying on a wood surfaceSo you have finally closed on the home of your dreams and you have never had to care for a home before. What type of tools should you keep on hand to make sure things go smoothly? There are certain tools that are standard that every homeowner should have. There is a feeling that one must have an elaborate tool shed in order to be the ultimate do-it yourselfer. Most people are on the other end of the spectrum and only need a few chosen tools to keep things running smoothly.

Creating a Livable Space Within Your Living Room

beautiful living room Your living room is probably the one room used most often during the winter months beside your bedroom. With the winter weather raging outside a nice comfortable living space is key to enjoying your home during those cold months. 

Focusing on the Master Bedroom When Staging Your Home

pretty bed with flowered comforterThe average person spends one third of their life in bed which translates to a lot of time spent in the bedroom. This makes it an important room to focus when trying to stage your home for sale. Buyers should be able to see themselves relaxing and enjoying this room as part of their open house experience.